Capturing servo RC PWM signals with a Teensy 3.1

Turnigy 9X receiver without its plastic case

For my tank project I needed a failsafe should my serial radio link crap out on me, and as I had a standard RC transmitter lying around, it seemed natural to use it. After doing a bit of reading and prototyping, I managed to come up with a fast, non-blocking method of capturing the RC signals and converting them into a usable value.
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Software reset Teensy 3.1

For my tank project it was useful to be able to sense when a reset signal is sent and restart the Teensy via software. A quick google later and I found this post by kam42, which describes a macro which does exactly what I needed.

For the sake of completeness, heres a full sketch that would reset every 5 seconds. Don’t do this as I doubt constantly restarting is particularly healthy for the chip.

#define CPU_RESTART_ADDR (uint32_t *)0xE000ED0C
#define CPU_RESTART_VAL 0x5FA0004

void setup() {

void loop() {

This will break the USB serial connection, so your serial monitor will fail, and you’ll have to reconnect.